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During my years working as a guide, I have encountered many people and experienced many activities that are worth knowing about and that can now help you make the most of your stay here - each one for different reasons. The ones that come to mind are because the people are great or perhaps because the service they offer is excellent…there are a multitude of reasons and all of them are positive! Feel free to recommend me any new contacts if you have an exceptionally good experience.


BnB Sant'Agostino        

This lies between Capo market and Massimo theatre and is a good example of how Palermo is full of surprises This magical place is hidden within an old 19th century building that is steeped in art and history. Alessandro is a perfect host. Breakfast is served with Sicilian specialities, and the flowered terraces are the perfect final touch.

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BnB Giardino di Ballarò

A charming and well-placed BnB between Ballarò market, the Royal Palace and the church of Saint John of Ermits, famous for its red domes. The detailed restoration has created a fascinating and unique atmosphere. The back garden is also very peaceful.

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Located in Palermo, between two fishing villages and perched on the rocky coast of Addaura, this house is the best way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and also to explore the surroundings.

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Casa Pessicola

Not just a comfortable flat in a very central area, but also somewhere I’m particularly fond of. Situated in a quiet area but just steps from the Massimo opera house, Casa Pessicola is home to many artistic works by one of the locals. If you forget to bring a book to read, don’t worry: Daniela has you a large selection of books for everyone. You can also enjoy the sun on the beautiful roof terrace

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La casetta Magione

In the heart of the Kalsa borough, between piazza Magione and piazza Rivoluzione, in the most vibrant area of the old city, you can find this charming little flat. The central position and the hospitality of Elda, together with her interesting taste in furniture are the strengths of this great apartment.

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Il dammuso

If you are planning to explore one of the islands surrounding Sicily, to relax and be at one with nature, then you might want to go to Pantelleria, the most enchanting and unique of all the Sicilian islands. If that sounds good, then you should visit the Dammuso website which offers you a selection of charming houses specific to the island of Pantelleria.

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Taxi Mauro Seidita
If you need a taxi, then you can always call one of Palermo’s taxi firms. But if you require someone who is passionate about his job and his city, then you should call Mauro. With him the taxi ride is always different!  Whatsapp  327 2212667

The word to remember for bike lovers in Palermo is Sicicla. You can join Sergio in one of his crazy early morning rides around the beautiful Sicilian countryside, or simply rent a bike for a calm trip around the city. Francesco and Sergio will always be happy to help you with suggestions and itineraries. Professional and reliable, they have been constant companions on my own bike tours.
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This is an online shop run by four women with very different life stories, but each with a common aim: no more waste, no more exploitation: responsible ethics and a sustainable economy. During lockdown, they pooled their different areas of expertise and created a new brand: Coccadoro, selling ethically sourced bags and accessories. If you don’t want to get stressed out while shopping for the usual stuff you can always buy something from Sicily once you’re back home. Who said that tourists should only buy typical souvenirs like a magnet or straw hat?
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Cuoche combattenti
When I’m asked about ideas for souvenirs from Sicily, I always think of food. And if you buy pistachio, pesto, orange jam or biscuits from this store, you will also be helping a charity that looks after female victims of domestic violence. That can only be a good thing. > to find out more click here.
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Alab, circuito artigiani
In the old city you can often find shops showing the brand ALAB: this means Free Artists & Craftsmen from the Balarm Association. The artist studios in the ALAB Network promote art and handicraft with the purpose of regenerating the historical town centre of Palermo. They are a mix of artists, architects, designers, photographers, humanists, activists and inventors…very interesting people!
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 ≈≈≈≈ FOOD
Le Angeliche
This is my ideal place when I want a delicious Sicilian speciality or just a simple cake with a cup of tea. At Angeliche I feel welcomed and looked after. The female touch is prevalent as the owners are four extraordinary, dynamic women. At the Angeliche food is embued with love - love for tradition, for people and for cooking. When I'm there, it’s definitely a place where I’m more than happy to eat!
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Al Fresco
Al Fresco is a bistro in the garden of an ancient Franciscan convent, close to the Cathedral. Here you can enjoy some great food, have a drink, or just chill out for a while if you need a quick break during your walk around the city.
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Cioccolateria Lorenzo
If you’re in the Kalsa area of Palermo and need to kick back for a moment then you should try to visit Cioccolateria Lorenzo. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere, delicious cakes and homemade chocolate.
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Torrefazione Caffè Stagnitta
If you ever walk through Piazza Bellini, you simply can't miss the smell of toasted coffee coming from Café Stagnitta. This old coffee shop has been in existence since 1922. You can also try their flavoured ice drinks – fun in a cup! Among the tables are amazing pictures of one of the most famous Sicilian photographers, Letizia Battaglia.
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In the Agrigento area:        
Giovanna Lombardo
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In the Catania area:        
Tita Giliberto
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In the Siracusa area:        
Lucia Iacono
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