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If you love art then this is your tour. I'll help you to discover one of the most incredible places in Palermo, one that shows us the whole city's history, from its origins till today.

Built on the site of the first Phoenician settlement of the city, the palace was firstly a byzantine fortress, then an Arab castle, then a royal Palace under the Normans and today it houses the Sicilian Parliament.

The Palatine Chapel is a treasure within the walls of the palace. This is a stirring example of how the Norman Royal family encouraged multiculturalism in their kingdom. Byzantine gilded mosaics go perfectly with the Arab wooden ceiling - the greatest surviving example of Arab carpentry. It’s a unique experience and a genuine melting pot of culture and history.



for art lovers

Unique gems of art and centuries of history: the Royal Palace

and the Palatine Chapel


2 H


25 € pp from 4 people and up
100 € the tour fom 1 to 3 people
Special fees for groups
The palace entrance fee is not included. This tour is available only on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.


Meeting poinT
at the ticket booth of the Royal Palace
(piazza Parlamento)



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