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If you are looking for a truly original experience, then take one of our most popular tours and ride with Giorgio and me, as we follow in the footsteps of the Florio family. You will get to know the saga of the Florio family, the Sicilian industrial tycoons who were leading players in the Sicilian economy between ‘800 and ‘900. We will look back over 4 generations: from the arrival in Palermo of Paolo and the first Ignazio, to the social rise of Vincenzo and Ignazio sr, and eventually to the last period, notable for the theatrical presence of Ignazio jr and Donna Franca. The latter may have been responsible for the family’s fall from grace, but they also helped spread the myth of the Florio family as a jet-setting superpower of the time.

During the tour, I’ll take the role of Donna Franca, and will be supported by my devoted husband, Ignazio. Through their voices we will relive the Belle époque splendours of a glitzy Palermo, capital of culture and sophisticated society, and destination of the filthy rich and international royalty. Unmissable!

Tour in partnership with Giorgio Faraci


Bike tour the  Lions of Sicily

bike tour narrated by the voice of the two protagonists: Ignazio e Franca Florio


3 H


(including bike and whisper device rental)
50 € pp from 6 people and up
300 € the tour  from 1 to 5 people
Special fees for groups of 10 and up
Monument entrance fees are not included


Meeting point
Sicicla bike rental shop
via Onorato 8, (port area)


Click here and check
the availability
of the day

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